Good Eats!


“What can I have to eat and drink after my dental treatment?”

We here at Gulfside Dental hear this question. A LOT! So many patients are worried that after they have any procedure done, whether it be fillings, extractions, or crowns, they won’t be able to eat any “real food” because they’ll be sore. This definitely isn’t true!

Granted, if you have any kind of extraction done, you surely aren’t supposed to eat any hard foods, or consume anything with a straw. You’ll also want to make sure the food isn’t too hot as well. However, there is still “real food” you can eat!

If your mouth or teeth are sore, you can still enjoy delicious foods, like the ones listed above. Soft foods such as pudding and jello are a given. Remember, though, you can still get your nutrition with options such as yogurt, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and steamed veggies!

Don’t worry about having to skip any meals, or miss out on good eats just because you went to Gulfside Dental and had some treatment done! Next time you have any work done, keep these tasty foods in mind.

If you need any kind of dental work done, give Gulfside Dental in Galveston a call! We are always accepting new patients, and often have same-day availability!


Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Galveston, TX – 409.539.3447 | 6026 Seawall Blvd


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