Floss Like a Boss

FullSizeRender (2)Americans are in a sticky situation when it comes to their dental health. Studies have shown that a whopping average between 70-80% of Americans do not floss their teeth regularly. Why though? Most patients who come into Gulfside Dental don’t truly realize the importance of flossing on a daily basis. They think that brushing alone will reach all surfaces of their teeth and keep them clean, but this simply isn’t true.

Aside from removing pesky popcorn kernels and left-over steak, flossing between all of your teeth removes any plaque, acid and other germs left behind. This can be done with either traditional floss or with a water pik. Without being too aggressive, traditional floss glides between teeth and essentially scrubs the in-between and hard-to-reach places that your tooth-brush does not and cannot reach. A water pik basically does the same trick, except it uses a flush of water to get the job done for those who may not be able to use traditional floss (i.e. those who have a dental bridge, etc.).

Our seasoned doctors here at Gulfside Dental recommend all patients floss everyday, twice a day, with regular brushing. This will ensure that any excess bacteria, acid, or left-on food will be removed, thus helping to prevent any further cavities.

If you or anyone you know is in need of any kind of dental work or assistance, please do not hesitate to call any of our local Gulfside Dental offices. Our staff will be more than happy to get you set up for your next visit!

Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Galveston, TX – 409.539.3447 | 6026 Seawall Blvd
Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Beaumont, TX – 409.899.4867 | 4179 Dowlen Rd
Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Port Arthur, TX – 409.433.9254  | 2780 FM 365

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