Love and Your Smile

tooth heartWith Valentine’s Day approaching, many couples reflect on the relationship they have with their loved one. They remember all of the love-filled times with their significant other, like the moment they first met or fell in love. Do you remember the first thing you noticed about your special someone? What WOW’d you? If you’re anything like the majority of the world’s population, you probably noticed their smile right off the bat. Right?

When you see someone with a beautiful smile, not only is it attractive, but it also tells a lot about a person.  It proves that the person is on top of things regarding their dental hygiene, but it also reflects the person’s heart. A genuine smile reflects joy, happiness, and most importantly, the love in their heart. There’s nothing in this world that compares to seeing a loved one’s face light up with a smile. 

Perfecting your smile is as simple as coming in to Gulfside Dental and seeing one of our wonderful doctors. From partials to dentures, crowns and laser-whitening, we’ve got you covered. All you could need for making your smile even more beautiful is right here in one of our local offices!

Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Galveston, TX – 409.539.3447 | 6026 Seawall Blvd
Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Beaumont, TX – 409.899.4867 | 4179 Dowlen Rd
Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Port Arthur, TX – 409.433.9254  *OPEN NOW!*| 2780 FM 365
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