Bridging the Gap

One of the most frequent questions we at Gulfside Dental receive is “What is a bridge?” Simply put, a bridge is a set of crowns attached to false teeth to ‘bridge’ a gap from where teeth previously sat.

“But how does it work?” The crowns are anchored onto the two teeth or implants surrounding the gap, with false teeth attached in between. The false teeth merely sit on the gums and pose as natural teeth to secure a full, complete smile.

“But why is it important?” Many people who are candidates for a bridge do not realize how important it is to fill in the gap of the missing tooth/teeth. When there is a missing tooth, patients can tend to change their eating habits to accommodate for the gap. By favoring one side of the mouth with chewing, we are causing more wear and tear to that side than the other. Bridges are important to bring back the balance of use for our teeth. This will help to ensure that one side isn’t getting worn out faster or easier than the other.

We at Gulfside Dental have phenomenal doctors who are seasoned and experienced to help complete your smile!

If you or anyone you know is interested in a bridge or any other dental work to be done, call any of our local offices for an appointment!

Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Galveston, TX – 409.539.3447 | 6026 Seawall Blvd

Gulfside Dental & Orthodontics – Beaumont, TX – 409.899.4867 | 4179 Dowlen Rd

Gulfside Dental – Port Arthur, TX – * Coming Soon! *


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